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Featured Publications

“Should security forces have stopped the terrorist attacks in Belgium?”

The Conversation

Sumit Ganguly

March 29, 2016

“It is easy to criticize the many lapses that allowed this tragedy to unfold. Observers may wonder why Belgium security forces failed to heed an explicit warning from the European Union about the need to increase vigilance at its airports. And clearly Belgian authorities can be faulted for not acting on a warning from their Turkish counterparts that a known jihadi fighter, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, had been deported from Turkey to Belgium...” Read More »

“Refugees and Neighbors: Rohingya in Bangladesh”

The Diplomat

Sumit Ganguly & Brandon Miliate

October 14, 2015

“The massive number of migrants and refugees, the so-called “boat people,” arriving from Bangladesh and Myanmar in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia dominated the headlines this summer. The vast majority of these “boat people” were Rohingya, a Muslim Bengali-speaking ethnic group that live in Rakhine State, on Myanmar’s western coast...” Read More »

“When Refugees Were Welcome: India in 1971 Vs. Europe Today”

Foreign Affairs

Sumit Ganguly

September 22, 2015

“Europe’s response to waves of refugees from the war-torn Middle East raises serious questions about its commitment to humanitarian values. To be sure, Europe is facing a very difficult set of challenges. But these pale in comparison to those confronting India’s policymakers in 1971, when New Delhi was faced with a refugee surge orders of magnitude greater than the one now on Europe’s borders...” Read More »